Each mind is a world and each person is capable of developing innovative ideas that surprise the masses, these prototypes are a sample of it, these are the most amazing projects financed with crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a system of monetary cooperation that allows anyone with an idea to get the funds needed to finance their project. Those who collaborate financing the product receive a non-monetary reward that can range from a thank-you on the website to unpublished material of the product that is created.

The process is quite simple: the entrepreneur has an idea, develops it and starts a crowdfunding campaign on a digital platform. These campaigns seek to explain what is the product or service and the importance of it in order that the collaborators can understand the idea.

amazing projects
There are many ideas that are financed through this medium and it is a good alternative for those with few funds, but the most impressive thing is how through this, ideas that can create an impact on society are supported, since they are trying to change paradigms even providing a technological alternative.

52 Essential conversations: a game about life

52 essential conversations” is a card game, whose objective is to encourage conversations that go beyond the trivial, that is, it seeks players to talk about topics such as leadership, empathy, inclusion, among others. The game is directed from children of 5 years to people of 100 years.

The most interesting part of the initiative is that it seeks to eliminate communication barriers in the family, also encourages emotional intelligence with academic intelligence.


The Most Amazing Projects Financed With Crowdfunding 1
Clever Card Game. Source: Kickstarter

The children’s book for girls who dream big

Rad Girl Revolution”  is a book of photographs directed for girls of 3 to 7 years that inspires them to take any kind of profession, from astronaut to journalist. This book stands out from the rest as there are few materials that talk about the professional inclusion of girls of such an early age.

The book uses different resources to attract the attention of its young readers, it is sustained by rhymes and flashy photographs in which girls are observed interpreting different professional roles.

The Most Amazing Projects Financed With Crowdfunding 2
Rad Girls. Photo: Kickstarter

Luft Qi, The smallest air purifier

This device will help to have a much cleaner air, with its technology absorbs all pollutants and converts them into purified air. The Luft Qi is a product that is aimed at people who are allergic or who are very sensitive to strong aromas such as cigarettes or dry paint.

Not only that, but in cases of highly polluted cities, such as Beijing or Cairo, this presents an alternative so that people can breathe cleaner air into their homes.


TicPods Free: the most interactive wireless headphones.

This idea offers you much more than a wireless headset, it gives you the ability to do simple activities without having to disconnect your hearing aids, such as answering calls or activating the voice assistant.

The hearing aids have another function that is about detecting when we have earphones in our ears, this allows us to automatically pause when we remove a hearing aid, they also have an elegant design and are noise isolators.

Pit Bull Flower Power: The Book.

The creator of this idea Sophie Gamand feels a great love for the pitbulls, so she wanted to change the paradigm that these dogs are dangerous and wild making a series of photographs and stories that demonstrate the nobility of these dogs. The concept of Gamand is quite cheerful, since in all the photographs he shows the dogs wearing a wreath of flowers.

But the initiative goes beyond simply changing a paradigm, with the money that can be raised from books and photographs, to donate that money to the pit bulls that are in the kennels.

The Most Amazing Projects Financed With Crowdfunding 3
Pitbull Flower Power. Source: Kickstarter

All these projects surprise for their creativity and for their ability to improve the quality of life of their consumers. Through crowdfunding many of these ideas are already a reality.

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