Bill Gates is one of the first characters that comes to mind when we think of millionaires, since he owns one of the largest software companies in the world. So, what advice can Bill Gates teach us to be successful?

The Microsoft businessman, Bill Gates, until recently was the richest man in the world, until he was overtaken by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. However, Gates remains a very important character in the world of business and innovation.

But Microsoft is not the only thing that this man has done, he also has his holding company called Cascade Investment, which he created with the same income as his first company. In addition, he is a philanthropist, along with his wife developed a Bill & Melinda Gates foundation that seeks solutions to diseases such as malaria, AIDS and polio.

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These are the reasons why Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the world, his software is still generating incredible profits, this can be demonstrated in how it ended in 2017 with a profit of 89.95 billion dollars.

Permanent learning

Gates considers that he reads around 50 books per year, that is to say that he is constantly learning. That is why one of his main tip is not to be satisfied with what you learn when you finish college: you have to keep learning.

The importance of these books is that they broaden your perception of the world, make you rethink your perspective and detect where you are failing.

A book that he highly recommends is The Better Angels of Our Nature, by scientist Steven Pinker, which deals with the decline of violence in 2011.

Reading Habit

Be optimistic about obstacles

What happens with optimism is that it takes you to action, having a good attitude motivates you to achieve your goals, overcoming all obstacles.

In 2014 he expressed with his wife something very concrete about it “even in difficult situations, optimism can drive innovation and lead to new tools to eliminate suffering

Optimistic Obstacules

Get together with people who boost you

Surrounding yourself with people who challenge you inspires you to grow and to be a better professional. So you must evaluate very well that you are capable of learning from the friends around you.

This vision is applied in your human resources policy, since your company hires people who are passionate about what they do, in order to have the best team.

Gates advised via Twitter that you should choose a person with whom to spend time in search of professional improvement. In the case, the employer, said that this person was his wife Melina What tender, no?

Better Person

Practice and a lot of patience

Another lesson from Bill Gates is to understand the importance of patience and practice. Success is not built from one day to another.

When Gates started Microsoft he already had 7 years of experience in computing, this plus the hours he spent unveiling in the creation of his company, gave him the position of entrepreneur.

Practice and patience also involves learning from mistakes, Windows software was not always perfect and there were many mistakes the Gates had to learn to get to what it is now.

Top 5 Advices of Bill Gates to SUCCESS in Business 2

Passion for what you do best

We are all good at something, we just have to find that talent to show.

In the case of Bill Gates, he knew that computing was his thing from the first moment he had a computer in his hand. However, it took him a long time to understand that each person has skills in which he is better. There are simply people who are good at mathematics and others who are musical geniuses.

The point is that when we find what we do best we work passionately on it: That’s the key to success in any business.

Best Talent

Sure, Bill Gates, like any human being has its faults, but we can not criticize him the credit of all the work that cost him to have a software as successful as Windows.

Currently, it has developed more as a philanthropist, through its foundation, this makes it an agent of change worthy of admiration. So we suggest you apply these tips not only for business, but for your daily life so you can be SUCCESSFUL in all areas that you propose.

Bill Gates Business

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