Are you starting a company? Do you have little experience in the market? Then you can turn to an angel investor, a person who will give you that little push you need to carry out your new business.

Something that every entrepreneur needs when they start their business is seed capital, however, to ensure the success of the company requires a little more than the initial fund, it also takes a person with experience to serve as a mentor for new entrepreneurs .

According to the Banca Facil portal, an angel investor is that person or entity with experience in business who are interested in promoting entrepreneurship and participating in a good business. They are also known by Business Angels.

The advantages of Angel Investors: Beyond Seed Capital 1

Do not confuse angel investors with risk investors are already different agents. Business angels differ from risk investors in that the former are interested in investing to see the idea grow, the latter invests because they see a profit opportunity. There are differences of intentions and objectives.

The benefits of getting an Angel investor

The objectives of an angel investor is to detect ideas and entrepreneurs with great potential to reach the top. They channel efforts, seek contacts, among other actions that generate opportunities that benefit the startup. That’s why so many entrepreneurs like having a business angel on their side.

An experienced mentor

The greatest benefit that an angel investor generates is his experience in other businesses and his motivation to repeat the lessons learned in favor of someone else’s entrepreneurship. Your participation is vital for making decisions in the management of the company.

The advantages of Angel Investors: Beyond Seed Capital 2

The financing of the project

Access to capital is the headache of many entrepreneurs, so having the help of an angel investor can be a respite for the new entrepreneur. Since this type of investors usually invest almost all the necessary capital to start up the business.

The advantages of Angel Investors: Beyond Seed Capital 3

Network of contacts

A good angel investor generates a network of contacts that will benefit your company, as it is someone who has a lot of experience in the business world is able to connect with more agents that will drive our idea. That is, bussines angels also work to increase the efficiency of public relations of any emerging company by making alliances and improving the negotiation processes.

The advantages of Angel Investors: Beyond Seed Capital 4

We want to emphasize that angel investors are not only responsible for investing in an idea because it will generate profits. The true mission of these investors is to add value to the business model and to act as mentors who will teach them how to guarantee the success of the business.

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Angel investors help you improve your business