Science allows the development of humanity. Great discoveries such as electricity and the internet were made thanks to science. However, there are still many things that can be done through research, the goal of these campaigns is to finance their scientific projects with crowdfunding.

Technology allows you to see problems in a way that my friends and I never could, and you can help in ways that we never could. You can start fighting inequality, either in your own community or in a distant country” Bill Gates

It is no secret to anybody that these advances require a lot of money, but for that we have collective financing, which we can use to finance science. Next, we will present a list of more scientists and specialists who managed to finance a scientific project with crowdfunding.

Sleepie – Better Sleep, Backed by Science

If you have trouble sleeping well this product is for you.

Sleepie is a rectangular device that transmits essences of lavender and citrus, the smells that best allow sleeping, according to scientific studies. It also produces relaxing sounds which can be programmed by users through Android or Apple IOS.

This project mixes all scientific research to sleep better and brings them together in a technological device. His campaign exceeded his goal of $ 20,000 and ended up collecting $ 53,499.


6 Scientific Projects Funded with Crowdfunding 1
Sleepie. Photo: Kickstarter

The Online Program of Science in Data 365

This is the first online program to train data scientists. The course aims to generate professionals in the management and analysis of data through videos and interactive exercises.

The campaign has the premise that in such an advanced world there is data and information in each corner, this causes that more companies are based on the data to make strategic decisions. Well-used information can lead to positive results for a company, there is the importance of data scientists.

The online course will teach disciplines necessary to understand the science of data, these are: mathematics, statistics, programming, computing and probability. This campaign completed 101% meeting $ 11,411.

6 Scientific Projects Funded with Crowdfunding 2
The Online Data Science Course. Photo: Indiegogo

 Augmented Reality Glasses for Autism

“Empower me” are augmented reality lenses that seek to improve the lives of children and adults on the autism spectrum by helping them become more self-sufficient and aware of the real world.

These smart glasses are like a video game, they show the patient a series of images and emoticons and they have to respond appropriately, the device generates information for therapists, parents and teachers on the levels of stress, progress of the person who wears the glasses. Of course, they are not to be used all the time, with a less than one hour session (like a sport) is more than enough.

His campaign was completed at an impressive 1245% with $ 143,006.

How global warming impacts tropical communities

The parasitic diversity is shrinking in the jungle of Costa Rica, this has a strong negative influence on the health of the ecosystem that is still difficult to understand due to the little knowledge that we have about these parasitoids (worms, flies and other insects). Therefore, a group of biologists have decided to make a 6-month expedition to this jungle to study this situation.

The campaign raised $ 6,456 surpassing its goal of $ 6,300.

6 Scientific Projects Funded with Crowdfunding 3
Expedition to the Costa Rican Jungle. Photo: Experiment

A mathematical model to reduce infant mortality in Asia

Infant mortality and high-risk pregnancies are a common topic in the countries of South Asia and more so in the case of rural areas. The objective of this project is to find a mathematical formula that makes it easier to detect these high-risk pregnancies.

The lack of resources in these countries is an obstacle to providing dignified medical services, but if an appropriate strategy is presented to the resources of the area, mortality in mothers and infants can be reduced.

This campaign requested $ 2,600 and managed to surpass this goal by $ 50, that is, in total they raised $ 2,650 to carry out this project.

6 Scientific Projects Funded with Crowdfunding 4

Population Ecology of Risso’s Dolphins

This is an ecological project, the poyectistas say that there is very little that is known about the gray dolphin of Monterey Bay in California, so they are looking for a project that allows them to report and understand the behavior of this species: how much they can live, their needs, the relationship with the ecosystem among others.

The study of this animal will also facilitate the study to preserve it, as explained by the experts.

This campaign met 110% of its goal, collecting a total of $ 3,310.

6 Scientific Projects Funded with Crowdfunding 5
The gray dolphin. Source: Experiment

All projects have something in common: improving the lives of others by financing science. This is another example of how versatile a crowdfunding campaign can be.

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