What can we say? Not everything that has come out of crowdfunding has been remotely coherent. There are some things that are unthinkable, but perhaps these projects show that we are wrong. As strange as it may seem, more than one of these rare ideas have occurred to someone. We’re going to present you then the 5 strangest projects financed by crowdfunding.

Strangest projects in crowdfunding

If you’re a very curious person, you may already know several of these campaigns. Many caused quite a stir and shock at the time. But we have to apologize if you’ve already seen some, because there is simply nothing that overcomes them. At least not up to date. Pay attention and look at each of these projects.

Combat Kitchenware

There was no other way. We had to mention this campaign. It’s not the strangest of by far but still rather peculiar. The concept of this idea is to turn kitchen utensils into battle weapons. Well, not literally. But yes, the frying pan with a sword is quite real. And the weapon that can be drawn from it is even more so. It can be used as a weapon and yes, it is capable of doing real damage. Perhaps the weirdest thing about this campaign, which began in 2012, is all the money it raised. Its initial goal was about $7,000, but the world was generous enough to give it a total of $46,261. Amazing, right?

Combat Kitchenware Crowdfunding
Combat Kitchenware, for true warriors of the kitchen. Source: Laughing Squid

Bacon made of glass

It may be just an American thing, but there are many Americans who love bacon. Do we have to mention that there are already alcoholic beverages with bacon flavor? If you think that’s already unpleasant, you have not seen the new extent to which they took it. Or maybe yes. Designer and programmer Greg Kiesow came up with the idea of ​​creating figures made of glass in the shape of bacon. His passion for this food led him to turn it into what can be considered a work of art. Regardless of what others think, this is something that looks inconceivable but that came true. Something worth mentioning.

Crystal Bacon Crowdfunding
A completely appetizing work of art. Source: Crystal Bacon by Greg Kiesow

Meat Soap

We’re sorry. But the fever for bacon does not end here. “We firmly believe that the aroma of freshly cooked bacon should linger long after breakfast.” That’s what the creators of this product said, which can be summed up in two words. Meat soap. More precisely soap with smell and bacon extract. There are those who find this product very disgusting and meaningless. But that didn’t stop 42 people from contributing $1,905. Which shows that everything is possible if you find others who share your passion.

Meat Soap Crowdfunding
How will it feel to get out of the shower after using it…? Source: Meat Soap

Headphones with cat ears

Let’s agree that this invention is not for everyone. But if something is certain, it’s that on the Internet there are two things that people love about all the others. Music and cats. Perfect combination! Or perfect rarity. It depends on how you see it, but the truth is that the people behind the project took it seriously. The product is from the brand Axent Wear. And they received a total of $3,429,046 to be able to carry it out. Its design, production, manufacture and sale was a success among Internet users.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones Crowdfunding
The Axent Wear headphones in the shape of cat ears are very real. Source: Gadget Flow

Potato salad

The undisputed king. Because the thought that a project like this could achieve SO MUCH success fits in nobody’s head. Until now, there hasn’t been a strange project that could have surpassed that of Zack Danger. Who back in 2014 made a joke by setting up a project to make potato salad. At first, he asked for only $10 dollars but he left everyone stunned when he was able to raise $55,492. Imagine how many entrepreneurs with more serious campaigns felt inside knowing that. The success of this campaign is still the subject of study for several experts, due to its notoriety and rarity.

Zack Brown Crowdfunding
Zack Brown, the living proof that success can come from where you least expect it. Source: 614 Colombus

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