You may have heard the term “community manager” which basically refers to the person who operates social networks for a brand or company. It’s worth noting that this is also important in a crowdfunding campaign. But what happens if you don’t have time to devote to social media or if you don’t have someone to do it for you? These 4 platforms have the answer.

What is a social media management platform?

In essence, these are platforms that allow you to manage elements and content within social media, whether it’s for a business or your own. Each one has particular functions but in general, they allow you to do things like schedule posts to appear at a specific time and date. Or observe the performance of your activities. Among other things that are equally helpful.

In short, many of them allow you to reduce the time you spend observing and attending social networks so you can take care of other important things in your free time. In case you don’t have someone to do it for you.


The best known and most used among experts on the subject. Explaining everything that can be done with Hootsuite isn’t easy but we’ll try. It allows you to manage several social networks and schedule publications in them simultaneously. It’s possible to monitor and check the progress of your work by seeing statistics and concrete results.

Its easiness saves a lot of time and keeps your social media active. It’s excellent for your crowdfunding campaign, you can program content for several social networks at once and in a single moment. And in the same way it allows you to observe the progress you have achieved with your publications. And many other interesting things.

This multilanguage platform is also very versatile and quite beginner-friendly. It helps you save time publishing, monitoring your achievements and keeping social networks where you promote your campaign active.

Since a crowdfunding campaign usually lasts 90 days, you should update your social networks on a daily or weekly basis. Hootsuite allows you to do it too, evaluating which messages and what content generate the most interest in your followers.

In some messages that you schedule during the week, you should occasionally encourage your audience to give contributions. And the closer you are to completing your campaign, remind your followers that there’s little time left to motivate them.


One way to explain this platform is to say that it covers a high range of social networks. Just to give an example, it allows you to post content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Which is useful for those people who intend to manage more than one social network.

If you don’t have time to tend social media, this platform helps you do it. It’s just a matter of designing the content and scheduling it to be published automatically whenever you want. The great thing is that in all the mentioned social networks, Everypost allows you to personalize, program and post both images and texts easily.

Here you don’t only program posts, but also program them with different types of content to promote your campaign.

Everypost Social Media Manager
A screenshot of Everypost, whose platform is available in both Spanish and English. Source: Everypost


SpredFast allows you to observe statistics of your social networks and look at the number of users reached by each post. If your goal is to look more at numerical results or to measure their analytics, this platform is for you. It also allows you to set goals of reach of followers and observe the results in a timeline.

All through graphics. For your crowdfunding campaign, you can use this platform to measure the level of reception or users reached by each publication about your campaign. This gives you security and allows you to see if the content you post is truly capturing the attention of potential contributors.

In the same way, Spredfast also makes it possible for you to measure the receptivity of your campaign. And also what kind of messages are having the most impact and in which social networks they’re attracting the most attention.

Of course, it also allows you to schedule posts to appear automatically. In addition to this option to see results through graphics and statistics. In conclusion, you can schedule publications on social media about your campaign and measure their effectiveness with this platform.


This platform is usually mentioned and recognized for being easy to use and for allowing programming content in various social media. As for example: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Buffer is a social media content manager available only in English but quite comfortable for users who are just starting out.

For example, if you want to post updates on Twitter about your campaign but don’t have time to take care of it, this platform allows you to save it. With it you can make a tweet and schedule it to be published whenever you want.

Interestingly, it works almost like Hootsuite but with the only difference that Buffer is only in English. The extension for the web version allows you to edit and program content in social networks in a simpler way.

The same applies to Facebook, Instagram and the other social media we mentioned. If you’re the type of person who works for many hours or has little free time, this platform makes everything easier. It’s just a matter of choosing one day to schedule all your posts to be appear automatically during the next week.

Buffer Social Media Manager
A screenshot of the Buffer interface. Source: Marketing Land

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Manage your social networks wisely…