Within what we know as crowdfunding, there are categories that serve to divide each topic. A look at our platform and any other will make you understand that they’re important to identify campaign types and trends. But over time there have been categories of crowdfunding that have been more active than others. Look at those that are the strongest categories in entrepreneurship.

Featured crowdfunding categories

Some vary by country, culture, or business flow in each area. Not all are valid throughout the world and these tend to evolve over time. The truth is that after several studies it was discovered that these categories of crowdfunding attract a lot of attention.

We’ll make a list of the 4 most notable and in which parts of the world have greater impact and presence. In no particular order.

Social initiatives

In several places of the world but especially Europe, this category is very active. It’s about all those campaigns that focus on social matters to address particular problems. Or in order to support communities that are in need. Between 2012 and 2015, we learned that this category was one of the most frequent among entrepreneurs in the crowdfunding platforms of the moment.

Social Charity Altruism
Most of the projects in this category deal with issues of society, such as caring for the environment. Source: Fundación de Apoyo a la Juventud, IAP

This category can also include those people who started campaigns because of personal need. As for an operation, a trip or other purposes. The same applies to those who wanted to help a friend, family member or community.

Audiovisual productions

In some platforms, this is usually the most frequent category among entrepreneurs. The main reason is that crowdfunding has become the preferred funding for film directors. Many Latin Americans choose to start campaigns to raise money and finance their audiovisuals. A notable example is the Colombian documentary Marmato in 2014. Focused on life within this municipality of Colombia, whose production was financed with crowdfunding.

Due to the great opportunities it offers, this category is still widely used. It gives filmmakers and moviegoers the chance to fulfill their dreams of making films. Without needing to resort to traditional financing and without major complications.


This category is widely used throughout the world. With so many people with talent for music, many have seen in the crowdfunding a gold mine. Both for the great figures and for those who are starting. The musical crowdfunding has expanded a lot globally and it’s easy to find campaigns of it.

The campaign of the American singer Amanda Palmer may be the best-known example. Who managed to raise millions of dollars to release one of her albums. This type of financing has proven to have its flaws. As for example, for those artists who are very famous who seem not to need it. Or because some of them tend to have problems with perks.


This is the only category that has a sporadic presence. Which doesn’t mean it’s not fashionable as of late. As we said before, the categories that are “fashionable” vary according to each country and its current circumstances. But in recent years, technology hasn’t been left behind and has had a lot of participation. Between 2016 and 2017 several technological advances were born that will seem curious to you.

June Smart Oven Crowdfunding
June Smart Oven is sold since summer 2016. Source: Gadget Flow

An example is June, an intelligent oven that detects what’s inside it. And based on algorithms and recipes in its database, it can also detect which is the best way to cook it. Since it has a camera that analyzes what’s placed inside. There are also several other examples of recent technological advances in developed countries.

They didn’t make it to the list, but here are some noteworthy categories: culture, books and publishing, videogames and design.

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