Making crowdfunding for music has never been easy work. An attentive eye can catch more than one error within a campaign that aims to make music. Therefore, we took the liberty of extracting some examples to guide you. In case you want to start a musical crowdfunding and don’t know how to start.

Featured musical crowdfunding

The campaigns that we’re going to mention aren’t perfect. Each one has its strengths and its weak points. Here, the important thing is to identify what each one has that makes it competent. We’ll mention each one to rescue the most remarkable characteristics and so you can take them into account. For when you are encouraged to start a musical crowdfunding.

Magnéto Podcasts

This campaign put a lot of effort into putting together a pitch video for its presentation. Taking all the resources available today to do so. Not necessarily some last generation graphics and a phenomenal edition make the difference. But we must agree that any of us would like to have it for our musical crowdfunding.

The aforementioned project is located in Quebec, Canada. It’s an independent radio production agency that seeks to create a platform for Québécois podcasts.

Elise Dewsberry

In the previous case, the pitch video of the campaign was the most remarkable trait. With the musical crowdfunding of dramaturge Elise Desberry, the exact opposite occurs. Her project doesn’t have a pitch video that promotes it, but she still manages to sell it successfully. How did she do it? She took advantage of the flexible financing structure that the platform gave her. As long as she reaches any of her economic milestones she can finance your project.

Another factor is how friendly and community-oriented her campaign is. Elise proposed to record the audio and video of a live concert with 16 songs that her friends wrote for her. All in commemoration of her 60th birthday. Quite witty, right?

Elise Dewsberry Crowdfunding
Elise Dewberry during an interview in 2014. Screenshot. Source: ShowbizU

Vocal Song

To avoid going making things complex, let’s mention an example on our platform. Vocal Song precedes a foundation called Déjennos Vivir which wants to raise funds for the Pediatric Specialties Hospital of Maracaibo, Venezuela. One of theirs tactics was to publish a music video loaded with an emotional and thought-provoking message. Another key is the simplicity of their campaign’s pitch video.

It hasn’t a long duration nor very high graphics. But it’s well developed and meets the objective of defining what the purpose of the project is. Below we leave the music video that we mentioned earlier:

Youssra El Hawary

What makes the campaign of this Egyptian accordionist, composer, singer and actress so great is her story. It’s not every day that we get to hear about the lives of Egyptian musicians, especially women. The impressive thing is the narrative through anecdotes in her campaign’s pitch video. Where Youssra is seen talking about her life and her desire to release her first album.

Other musicians and friends of hers who collaborated for her campaign appear in the video and talk about the experience. The sincerity and personal approach that she shows are key pieces. This makes her fans and friends feel part of the experience and motivates them to join her.

Youssra El Hawary Crowdfunding
Youssra El Hawary. Source: CairoScene

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Be creative with your music and your campaign!