Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been the main pioneers of charitable works. Their exploits have been going back for decades and have helped make the world a better place. The truth is that many of them require financing and look for it in crowdfunding. Today we’ll talk about 4 of them that are worth mentioning.

NGOs and crowdfunding

Since most of them are usually non-profit organizations, many seek to finance themselves in different ways. One of them is, of course, crowdfunding. Although an important point is that they tend to make crowdfunding campaigns mostly for specific causes rather than for themselves. These 4 NGOs that we’re going to show you will make it very clear.

Scripps Research Institute

This is an NGO that serves as a medical research center, with offices located in California and Florida, US. This organization looked at the strong outbreak of Ebola that occurred in Africa in 2014 with a lot of worry. This led Dr. Erica Saphire, a scientist at the Scripps Research Institute, to create a crowdfunding campaign to investigate a cure for Ebola.

While many other organizations also started crowdfunding campaigns, this one was the most successful. Saphire and this NGO were part of the group of medical centers behind the creation of ZMapp. An immunological serum that allegedly cured 5 patients of this disease. The money raised would go to continue the development of the serum. The campaign raised $100,000.

Sylvia Wright Trust

This was an initiative led by American osteopath Lee Morgan, whose mission was to create an education and therapy center for children in India. Where they could receive classes, medical treatment, special care and lots of love. Lee was primarily responsible for raising funds to create A Ray of Hope, a campaign aimed at supporting Indian children. From which the Integral Education and Therapy Center was born.

A Ray of Hope Crowdfunding
Lee Morgan (left) accompanying several children and their relatives in India. Source: Fundly

This education and therapy facility is linked to the Sylvia Wright Trust, directed by the eponymous Catholic nurse Sylvia Wright. Together with other partners, they managed to raise money to benefit more than 100 Indian children. Which live in the town of Tiruvannamalai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Thanks to the support of many people and hard work, they raised $259,406. Currently, this center is active and continues to help the children of India.

Global Shapers

A Latin American campaign proudly enters this list. Many will remember the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico on September 19, 2017. It clearly caused much damage to the states of Puebla, Mexico City, Morelos and others. So in order to help the victims, the Global Shapers from the World Economic Forum started a crowdfunding campaign.

This group of young people prepared this campaign in order to support the Mexicans who lost their homes. Groups were set up to travel to several affected states, which distributed the money for each cause. Every group made sure that the funds were used for any specific problems. The support of the Mexican community allowed them to raise $43,907.

Niños de la Paz

And we finish today’s list with another Latin American example. This time in Venezuela, where the humanitarian crisis has left its inhabitants in precarious conditions. And unfortunately, children suffer the most. The organization Caritas in Venezuela estimated that 15 out of every 100 children living in poverty suffer from malnutrition. This torment motivated a Venezuelan, Luis Inserny, to start the creation of an NGO to combat this problem: Niños de la Paz.

Malnutrition Venezuela
According to an article from The New York Times, malnutrition in Venezuela has claimed the lives of several children and newborns. Source: The New York Times

This is a non-profit organization that seeks to obtain supplies to attend to children with malnutrition or serious illnesses. It also collects milk for children from 1 to 5 years to help mothers who cannot breastfeed. This campaign is recent and is on our platform, you can access through this link. We invite you to give a contribution, by doing so you help Venezuelan children have a better diet and health in the future.

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