Crowdfunding never ceases to be a method of financing from the past. Each year, thousands of Internet users apply it to finance their ideas, dreams and personal projects. And always, we see how some campaigns stand out from the rest for what they’ve achieved. With this in mind, we’ll look closely at some crowdfunding campaigns in 2018 and how they became successful.

4 crowdfunding campaigns of 2018

People from different parts of the world share something in common. A determination that drives them to be the protagonists of their own entrepreneurships. But as expected, these entrepreneurships require financing to be carried out. In 2018, we could see 4 successful projects that we want to highlight for their success but above all, for the ideas behind them:

“Name it and I’ll bake it!”

We’ll start our list today with a story about cakes and sugar. Courney is an American baker who, since she was a little girl, was learning about baking through her grandmother. Gathering experience, interest but above all, passion. After some time, both of them opened an online store through Facebook called Oh Fudge Bakery. Which specializes in the preparation of fudge of all kinds.

Having created a large network of clients and becoming so successful, Courney decided to expand the business. This led her to start a crowdfunding campaign. Which took advantage of a fan base, the support of friends and family and the strong attraction power that pictures of fudge evoke. Thanks to this, she successfully raised $6,521 from her goal of $4,200.

oh fudge bakery kickstarter
Courney exhibiting her products while recording a video. Particularly the strawberry cake fudge. Her store has a variety of flavors. Source: Facebook

Atomic Ed, the photobook by Janire Najera

Ed Grothus was an American machinist who worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory between 1950 and 1960. He confessed that his work contributed to the creation of atomic bombs 30 times stronger than those launched in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Something than later in life caused him enough remorse to open The Black Hole, a thrift store that sells old scientific equipment.

Later he would devote himself to anti-nuclear activism. This inspired the documentary photographer Janire Najera to create a photobook titled Atomic Ed, full of this man’s work and life. She created a crowdfunding campaign to finance its production. And she used her connections as an artist and other associates to make it known in the media. Which in the end, allowed her to reach her goal and raise a total of $17,573.

Dora’s fight against cancer

Doris “Dora” Hagerman is a Mexican artist whose works have taken place for more than 30 years. Her talent lies in dance, choreography and acupressure. Her friends and family describe her as a fighting woman full of love and energy. In 2017, a cancerous tumor was found inside her liver which was already removed. However, some cancer cells were still in her body and had to be removed with treatment.

Through medical insurance, her family and friends, Dora managed to finance the treatment. But sooner than later this reached a limit. The fact is that she receives specialized treatment using her own blood, through state-of-the-art medical technology. And she decided to start a crowdfunding campaign with the support of her friends and family. A touching message and attractive perks allowed her reach her goal with $46,666.

MATE X, the return of an innovative bicycle

We finish with a technological entrepreneurship from Denmark. It’s about MATE, an electric and folding bicycle that was successful in 2016 with a campaign that raised $6,809,186. This year, the company behind the product decided to launch a new edition of the bike called MATE X. Which has a bigger presentation, better electronic optimization and a more attractive appearance.

Christian Michael and his sister Julie Kronstrøm are behind the campaign and also, they’re the founders of MATE. Being a consolidated brand in the market with a wide portfolio of loyal customers, they took advantage of this to finance MATE X with a second crowdfunding campaign. Which was also successful, reaching its goal and raising $952,821.

What a joy to be able to see these crowdfunding campaigns achieve success! A sign that a premeditated preparation and a lot of ingenuity can allow someone to obtain the financing they need. For that same reason, the lesson that these people leave us is to use the resources we have to be successful.

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