Who doesn’t like to eat…? Many food enthusiasts have been given themselves to create their own dishes, their own food chains or franchises of any other edible product.

That’s why today we’re going, in love of food, to see 4 crowdfunding projects based on gastronomy.

Crowdfunding and gastronomy

Many crowdfunding platforms allow the creation of campaigns aimed at gastronomy. But it’s not just about creating a new dish or a new edible product. This category also includes creating franchises or businesses aimed at food.

We’re sure that many of you will be attracted to the idea behind many of these campaigns. Which attracted a lot of attention during their time. Without anything else to add, let’s see them.

Jivas Cubes

Dedicated to all addicts and lovers of caffeine! This is a crowdfunding campaign that pursued the purpose of creating cubes made from sugar and mocha. They practically do the work of espresso machines but without the complication of having to possess a machine.

Jiva Coffee Cubes
Just seeing it makes you want to try it, right? Source: The Green Head

They seek to make making coffee a much easier job. It’s a matter of heating a cup with water and throwing one or two cubes, according to your preference. The best tactic that this campaign used to obtain financing is to play with the feelings of coffee lovers.

Green coffee and organic juice

We move to something directed at health and nutrition. Verde Juice Company launched a crowdfunding campaign with the intention of continuing to produce its best creation. Organic cold juices filled with lots of fiber, protein and enzymes.

Verde Juice Tea
Green juices that will prove to be perfect to stay healthy. And with fresh fruits and vegetables. Source: Verde Food Company

The company that created the juices sought to produce beverages that had more nutrients and were made with fresh products. According to them, the juices have 2 pounds of fresh foods with high protein content and omega fatty acids.

Pecaño: Texas Pecan Liqueur

We continue with a beverage distilled from nuts. Or rather, pecans. This is a wine produced in the state of Texas, USA. Its creator indicates that this drink has the spirit of the best vintage wines and promises to have a very good flavor.

Pecaño Texas
The presentation of Pecaño wine, made from the distillation of high quality smooth nuts. Source: Kickstarter

It’s known that this wine is prepared during the harvest season of pecans. With which it, they seek to obtain a better product with greater freshness and flavor. This wine promises to be very special for nut lovers.

Artisanal hot chocolate

We’re finishing today’s entry with another chocolate product. Created by Just Organic Tea company, they had the desire to create a crowdfunding campaign to produce handmade hot chocolate. But what’s the deal with it…?

Because of the little regulation that exists in countries where cocoa is grown and tea is made, toxic, non-legal chemicals are often used to produce them in the United States. That’s why this company has farms where both cocoa and tea are grown naturally and fresh.

Artisanal Hot Chocolate
A jug full of handmade hot chocolate, made by Just Organic Tea. All you need are some cookies now! Source: Crowdfund Insider

This allows them to create what they call “artisanal hot chocolate”. Of more natural origin and less processed. It is presented as fine cocoa, made with pure organic products and very delicious.

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We bet you feel like eating now!