Want to know something…? We love crowdfunding projects about technology! Thanks to collective financing, humanity has managed to achieve interesting advances in technology. But with so much to choose from, what could be highlighted? We took 4 crowdfunding technology projects that we’d love to show you.

Technology Crowdfunding

From a 3D printer to an oven that analyzes what you put inside and cooks it automatically. There’s a wide variety of technology crowdfunding projects that don’t stop surprising us. Maybe you know some others that haven’t gone unnoticed over the years. But in a personal way, we’re going to tell you about 4 of them that we like and we want to show you.

Panic button ring

Its name is Nimb and consists of a ring of peculiar size but that could also go unnoticed. It comes in black and white colors. What’s its function…? Simple. It has a panic button inside it that when pressed for three seconds, emits an alert to any contacts linked to the app itself. Ergo, the signal is transmitted to the contacts that have the Nimb application installed. So that the ring’s carrier receives help in cases of emergency.

Nimb Crowdfunding
The Nimb ring in its black version. Source: Business Insider

These contacts can be whoever you want: a friend, a relative, the police or any person who has the app installed. The ring vibrates to let the bearer know that an alert was issued. And if one ring interconnects with another, it’ll also vibrate when one of them emits an alert. In addition to other interesting functions. A crowdfunding campaign was carried out for its financing and it was a success. The ring continues to be sold today.

Instant earpiece translator

This invention was highly anticipated by the international community. For decades, human beings have always wanted to break down language barriers. The idea was born by Andrew Ochoa. He had met a beautiful French lady with whom he couldn’t speak well since his English was not very good. They used to employ translators from their smartphones but it was extremely cumbersome and impractical. That led him to create an earpiece that translated spoken words instantly, Pilot.

It’s available in red, black and white colors. And it proves to be a highly innovative invention that has caught the attention of the world. By default, it can translate English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. But additional languages ​​can be purchased and installed such as Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Greek, German, Polish, Russian and Turkish. And according to the company other languages ​​in the future. As you can imagine… Its crowdfunding campaign was a success and raised $4,426,011.

Game console the size of a keychain

If you like retro videogames, you’ll probably love PocketStar. This is a very recent invention that works similar to a Game Boy. The thing is that it has a height of just 50mm and a width of 30mm. Making it technically the smallest portable videogame console in the world, as it might as well fit in anyone’s pocket. It’s almost smaller than a key but with a screen large enough to play videogames. And despite its small size, it has the ability to run games without problems.

PocketStar Crowdfunding
PocketStar is versatile and small enough to hold it between your fingers or keep it in your pocket. Source: Kickstarter

It has a slot to insert a micro SD card, which can contain folders with games and can open images. While there are many portable videogames consoles today, this was made for lovers of retro games or simply to kill boredom. However, we must admit that the idea behind this invention is interesting and at the same time very curious. Their list of games remains in development but promises to revive the retro experience of the 80s and 90s.

Venezuela in the FIRST Global Challenge 2018

This is a campaign that talks about the ambition and dreams of young Latin Americans. Those who represented their country in today’s most outstanding robotics competition, the FIRST Global Challenge. Which is headed by the nonprofit organization FIRST Global. It’s about VeneBot, an organization created by young Venezuelans who are looking for many others like them to develop their skills in the branches of science, technology and engineering.

These young entrepreneurs participated in the first edition of the FIRST Global Challenge which took place in Washington D.C. in 2017. They left a very good impression of Venezuela before more than 160 countries that participated in this competition. But now they want to go further and participate in the 2018 edition of the FGC that will take place this year in Mexico City, between August 15 and 18. That made them create a crowdfunding campaign with the hope of raising the necessary funds for their expenses.

Their crowdfunding campaign is hosted on our platform and is still active. You can access it through this link and give a contribution. By doing so, you would be helping these young entrepreneurs become representatives not only of Venezuela, but of all Latin America in this world scale event.

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