Numerous experts on the subject have stressed that the jump to the digital era of journalism has not been easy. And money is the most noticeable issue. Many digital newspapers have suffered during the course of time to continue on foot. For reasons such as maintenance and obtaining income. However, today we’ll see 3 cases of newspapers that decided to be reborn from the ashes and became something new and better.

Digital newspapers that reinvented themselves

Over the years, these newspapers understood the challenges of staying strong in the digital age. Therefore, many decided to stop for a moment and create contingency plans. Which led them to break the schemes and change strategies. By making different investments, using different tactics… Anything you can imagine. Today you’ll see who they are and how they managed to get ahead before all the problems they faced.

MoneyWeek (and others)

MoneyWeek is a United Kingdom finance magazine published by Dennis Publishing, a media company. MoneyWeek was undoubtedly faced with the problems of managing digital platforms. In 2009, the income from Dennis Publishing was £59,000,000 and even if wasn’t bad, its brands would require more to subsist in the future. Especially taking into account that within the company there were other digital media that required financing. This caused the company to start investing in other ways to obtain more income. James Tye, executive director of Dennis Publishing, was the one who promoted this initiative.

After a few years, things improved. In 2014 Dennis Publishing also acquired BuyaCar, a car dealership in the UK. And considering that the company also had websites about automobiles, they managed to start electronic commerce. The success of this initiative, along with all the effort of previous years, allowed them to change their income. And by 2016 it reached the £93,000,000. Greatly benefiting MoneyWeek, which is still active today.

MoneyWeek Digital
Screenshot of the digital newspaper MoneyWeek, which also has an even more recognized printed publication.

The New York Times

One of the first and oldest newspapers in the world occupies a place here. The New York Times is a newspaper that has gone through the scrutiny of various experts. Which agree that its evolution and adaptation to the times is worth noting. The journalist and analyst Ismael Nafria, author of the book The Reinvention of The New York Times, proves it. In an interview for the newspaper El Colombiano he explained that The New York Times is very clear about its mission and its values. Which allows him to earn the trust of the people. He also remarked that through his research he was able to discover how his transformation to the digital world was.

He noted that it has been very satisfactory. So much so that he considered it a reference for other kinds of mass media. That while they couldn’t aspire to be The New York Times, they could aim to be like it but within their geographical space. He also indicated that thanks to digital subscriptions, The New York Times increased its revenues by 7.7%.

La reinvención de The New York Times
The cover of The Reinvention of The New York Times book. Source: La Piña Comunicación

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